The Jim Session - Round 15 with Tom Boyd

April 2, 2022 - 10:27 PM

"If you can teach someone a lesson you took 10 years too long to learn, you can potentially save them a whole heap of suffering."

Western Bulldogs premiership star and mental health advocate Tom Boyd stops by The Jim Session to chat about;

- His AFL career
- Life after footy
- The real decision behind his retirement
- The danger of the 'homesickness' tag
- The psychologist that changed it all
- Feeling about the 2016 flag
- What's next
- Tips, advice and lessons around mental health
- Plus 10 quick questions!

The Monday review panel on a Tuesday is back with Nick and Gordon, while the team answers all your tweets and emails.

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On this week's show:

Punderful Round Recap (01:22)
Tom Boyd Interview (05:10)
Monday Review Panel (On a Tuesday) (32:15)